How to Sell Art

How to Sell Art

There are literally hundreds (maybe even over a thousand) ways for you to learn how to sell art. When I was first starting out, I had a very difficult time figuring out where to start and who to talk to. Luckily I got the right training and information, and I want to pass a little bit of that on to you.

While many people; most of whom have never actually sold any art, believe that galleries are still the best way to go for an artist, the truth is that most artists don’t create the art that galleries are looking for. An art gallery may seem like the ideal place to display your art but many galleries will take up to 50% on the price of your work. So if you are charging $10,000 for a piece and someone buys it, you will only get half of that. If you ask me, that’s just not worth it. Thankfully there is this wonderful platform called the internet that allows you to create your own online gallery and sell independently.

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Selling Art Online

The internet has made it even easier for artists to market and sell their art. Unfortunately, many creatives still have a hard time navigating all of the information and platforms that are out there.  Once again there has been a whole lot of alt truths about what works and how to properly use the internet to sell art.

Just about every done for you platform will tell you that their platform is the best.  Just type in “sell art online” into the search bar, and you will see at least 4 or 5 ads from different companies that want you to put your art on their system for a price.

While a lot of these platforms are good for people that aren’t very tech savvy, I have not found one that I absolutely love.  Most of them offer similar options and features.

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Marketing Your Art

The pros and cons of the internet is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of artists out there that are showing off their art.  While many of them only go so far as setting up a store to sell art online, there is much more that needs to be done.

Whether you have a solid customer base or are just getting started, your marketing is really what is going to keep you profitable and busy.
Opening a store is not enough.  You have to connect with people, build a fan base and sell.  While this is not an overnight thing, it is no where near as hard as it sounds.  Learning how to market yourself as an artist is just as important as learning how to sell art.

If you want more info on how you can market and sell art, I have put together a downloadable checklist of 100 ways for you to market your art.
While not everything on that list might resonate with you, you might find a few things on that list that you are not doing or are not putting to use.