How to Sell Art

How to Sell Art Online and Offline

Regardless of your formal or informal education, most of the artists that I have surveyed have admitted that their biggest obstacle is gaining more exposure.  While art school can teach you all you need about how to advance your creative talents; they don’t teach marketing or how to grow your business. Most artist’s need to know how to sell art.

The world needs art.

Artists need customers and clients.

If you feel like you have had a hard time actually selling your own art, don’t blame yourself.  The traditional ways of marketing yourself as an artist are pretty much non-existent.  At the same time, the understanding how to market and sell online can be a little overwhelming.

No worries.

How to Sell Art.

Making money online is simple.

You just have to have to knowledge of what to do and the willingness to take action.

There are many ways to market artwork online and on social media.

This is not some get rich quick thing.  This is going to take some work on your part.

It is more a “how to” guide to build a long term marketing system for yourself so that you can earn a living doing what you love.

Sometimes the best way to get where you want to go is to actually get some guidance and mentoring from someone else who has done it already.

How to Sell Art Online

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Make money selling your own art.


Get the training you need inside this course to grow your business and start making the money you deserve to make.

We have put together some intense training on how you can

  • Use both online and offline sources
  • Leverage the internet to get more exposure
  • Attract and connect with fans and customers
  • Utilize social media to expand your network
  • Overcoming your own personal excuses
  • Handling naysayers
  • Get comfortable selling
  • Get comfortable negotiating gigs
  • Finally get paid what you are worth

If any of the above items sound like something you need help with;

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how to sell art