Course Enrollment Closing - April 7 2017

Creative Intensive Mastermind - Learn and brainstorm with artists that are doing what they love to do. Special Webinar Offer.

Selling and marketing your art business is simple when you know what to do and how to do it.
If you are looking for some solid info and training that can help you get your art business off the ground and keep it climbing then keep reading.

The art game has evolved.  You don't need to have art in a gallery to sell art.  Artists all over the world have been creating massive amounts of success for themselves using social media and the internet to build a following and sell their art.  The real question is this... how are they doing it?

About 5 years ago I was completely against using technology to market myself... until I started to lose sales because I was not online.   I ran a very successful wholesale art company but as soon as people were able to shop for art online... our sales started to drop.  For a while we all tried to ignore the fact that our business model needed to adapt.  Eventually I realized that fighting change was just dumb.  So I adapted.

I took the time and invested my own money to learn from some of the best online marketers out there.  That training allowed me to advance my business and my reach overnight from local to global.  Odds are you probably found me through YouTube or another online platform.  I learned how to rank websites and videos.  Google became my friend.

Obviously there are other platforms out there as well that can help.  Social media has become a part of life.  Exposure and a consistent stream of clients are within your reach.

Last year I launched this website and opened up a training course for artists and creatives that were looking to take their art game to the next level.  I opened up the course and have had the pleasure of working intensely with these artists.

The results have been awesome.

Once you make the decision to join the Creative Intensive Mastermind you get access to the training modules and the weekly private mastermind training.  This will be the last month that the course will be open for purchase lifetime access.

What is lifetime access?  It is exactly what it sounds like... Lifetime access.

This is not a one time coaching call or a 4 week course.  This is literally lifetime access.
Honestly it's pretty insane.. considering that some people charge $300 an hour for one phone call.

Technology is constantly changing and I like to be up to date on just about everything.
Besides that it is honestly a ton of fun to work with serious artists from all over the world.

So I want to offer the opportunity to you.

Choose the best option for you.  I look forward to working with you on a weekly basis.


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One Time Payment $379

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In this Course You Will Learn...

  • Marketing and Branding Advice

    Everything you need to build a following and a customer base.

  • Sales Training

    Over 15 years of experience selling art at your disposal.

  • Support and Accountability

    There is nothing like working with artists who take their career seriously.

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