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"Max has taught me a lot about sales, being a badass, and a positive outlook on life.  His approach towards other people in general makes him the teacher, the person you want to be around, or the salesman you would buy from.

-- Eric Z , EZ Sports

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Marketing and Sales Training for Artists

Whether you are a professional artist looking for some real life advice
and guidance on how to grow your market or are an aspiring artist
looking for some creative ideas on how you can break into the industry;
you are in the right place.

My name is Max Juhasz, I am the creator of LifeAfterArtSchool.Net,
a small business owner, an artist, a sales coach, a marketing expert,
a father, a husband.... bla bla bla...

Most importantly for you I am an Exposure Expert.

I help artists and creatives grow their art business.
how to sell art

Marketing and sales are two of the major things that most artists
have a hard time grasping. We spend so much of our time creating,
that we forget that we have to market and sell our art in order for us
to monetize our passion.

I know for a lot of artists the idea of showing off your work, or
talking to people about what you do can create intense feelings of
utter fear and panic.

On the flip side of that, there are other artists who spend all day
showing off their work, only to get tons of likes and "thumbs up"
on social media, but no serious buyers.
My story might sound very familiar.  I was young, talented and
ambitious. I carried around a sketch pad everywhere I went.
Everyone that I knew referred to me as the "artist."
But I was making no real money from my art.
I can't tell you how many times I was contacted by someone
who liked
my work, and then went on to offer me "exposure" as payment
instead of money for custom work.
When I was just getting started there were more than a few
times where I actually took on the work, in the hopes that
this magical "exposure" would lead me to the creative promised
land....but we both know that never happened.

how to sell abstract art

In all honesty I was stuck.  I had no idea how to price my self
or my work. I had no idea how to market myself other than
word of mouth.  I wasn't "professional" enough to get hired
by any one that would pay me what I wanted to earn.
I was also too impatient to really put together a real plan for success.
I was a 22 year old white kid with dreadlocks from Elizabeth NJ.
No one took me seriously.  I didn't take myself seriously either.

It was so frustrating that I stopped creating.  I stopped
creating art and decided to look for a "real" job.

selling art online

Funny enough, I ended up getting a commission sales job
selling art door to door.  It wasn't really my "ideal" job but
I was kind of doing what I had always wanted to do.
I was selling art and I was making money.

max juhasz

Long story short, I ended up going from being absolutely
terrible to becoming the best sales person in the country.
I learned a lot about myself as well as how to run a successful business.
I got promoted multiple times, traveled all over the country
and eventually got to run my own art business.
I made great money and helped train thousands of people in the
art of selling art.

In the mean time I knew that the market was changing.
Technology and social media were becoming a way of life,
and my company was stuck in the dark ages.

I looked around online and learned how to market my business online.
I learned how to build websites, set up sales pages, build email lists,
shoot and rank promotional YouTube videos and much more.
I realized that marketing and selling online was no where near
as difficult as I originally thought it was.
I had a business both online and offline.

how to sell custom art

But something was missing....

I missed creating.

So I decided to start creating again.  I would put together
some of my own art and sell it. I already knew how to "pitch"
myself to businesses, and I had a very long list of happy clients.
Before long, I was only selling my own art.  I have my own original art
hanging all over the country.  I was even getting commissioned to
do large scale murals and other gigs.  I had finally learned how to do
what I has always wanted to do.  I was making real money as an artist.

2016-09-15 00.08.47

At the beginning of 2015, I had come to the realization that
15 years of running and managing a sales crew was enough.
I wanted to dig back into my passion.

My brothers and I had always talked about opening a school
that would teach artists how to sell.  Growing up our father
was a full time freelance illustrator.  Our upbringing was far
from normal... we were literally raised from the beginning to be
self employed.  We also knew just how difficult it could be for
artists to break into the industry.  We had this crazy idea to build
a live in kind of commune where it was a work studio/ dorm/ gallery
where artists were taught to create at a high level and then market
and sell their own work.

dfw mural art


Well, the universe is kind of funny, and with the help of technology
I have been able to create some of the most kick ass training
courses for artists on everything from marketing and branding
to figuring out your target market customer audience, pricing,
selling original, selling high ticket custom jobs and more.

I want to thank you for coming to the site today and
checking this all out.

how to sell your own art

If you are serious about rapidly growing your art business
and learning how to make money from what you love doing
already, then go ahead and:

1 Enter your email into any of the forms all over this site
so you can get some free killer           training on a regular basis.
2 Download some of the free guides to help you get started
3 Browse through the courses that are offered and invest in
yourself and your career

It is as simple as that.

To Your Success

Max Juhasz
Exposure Expert and creator of

life after art school